The online edge

words: Ciaran O’Toole, Director of Product & Innovation, Golden Charter

We commissioned independent research to find out what customers really think of paper versus online. The results are very reassuring…

  • 87% agree that online systems are faster than paper systems
  • 80% agree paper systems are now uncommon
  • 69% think that companies with online systems are more efficient
  • 71% think that companies with paper-based systems are ‘old fashioned’

Our Paperless Applications system at offers a secure end-to-end process, helping you provide your customers with an even safer, more convenient and efficient service.

We’ve had great feedback from funeral directors who tell us the system is super-fast and intuitive. And when it comes to how customers feel about applying online, our latest independent research results couldn’t be more encouraging.

So what can you look forward to when you make the switch?

  1. An easy first step to prepare for regulation. Using our paperless service puts you in the strongest position to transition to Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation – with prompts and checklists to guide you confidently through the requirements.
  2. A simple process that’s available online, anytime, via your desktop or mobile – supported by an intuitive, efficient design based on your conversations with families.
  3. Updated features, including a brand new payment option that allows customers to make secure card payments online.
  4. A streamlined, end-to-end user experience that reduces the risk of error or delays in processing an application.
  5. Increased levels of customer satisfaction with faster and more secure processing of their plan application.

Ready to get started?

To get started with Paperless Applications, simply visit the new and improved and follow our straightforward guide. If you feel you’d benefit from training before using the system, or would like a refresher, contact your business manager – they’ll be happy to help.

Join our new weekly drop-in training sessions

If you or your team would like additional support to get started, you can also join one of our digital drop-in sessions running every Thursday morning at 10am.

These informal sessions are designed for all users, regardless of your level of experience or confidence, with our experts on hand to help you get the most from Paperless Applications. To request a link to join, email us.

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