Magazine contacts

For editorial queries and suggestions please contact:

  • Michael Fern on 0141 931 6070, or by email

To find out more about advertising opportunities both online and in the print magazine, please contact:

  • Elliot on 0131 561 0021, or by email, or
  • Jane on 0131 561 0020, or by email

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Your contacts

This map shows the regions that Golden Charter’s Area Business Managers (ABMs) cover.

Below, you can find the ABMs responsible for each region, as well as the Regional Business Managers (RBMs) who cover wider areas.

If your area is not listed below, another region’s ABM may be temporarily looking after it. Please consult the PDF of the latest issue on the homepage to see your current contact, or speak to the relevant National Business Manager, also listed below.



  • Jacqui Johnston

    Jacqui McGilveray

    National Business Manager

    M: 07900580611

  • Sally Dyson

    Sally Dyson

    North East England RBM

    M: 07738741707

  • Nico Rocchiccioli

    Nico Rocchiccioli

    Scotland & North West England

    M: 07717314280

  • Nicholas Dawson

    Nicholas Dawson

    Central Midlands RBM

    M: 07921066740

  • Linda Harvie

    Linda Harvie


    North Scotland ABM

    M: 07900557850

  • Nico Rocchiccioli

    Nico Rocchiccioli


    Edinburgh, South Scotland & Cumbria ABM

    M: 07717314280

  • Paul Hodgson

    Paul Hodgson


    North East England ABM

    M: 07834417315

  • Amy Smithson

    Amy Smithson


    West Yorkshire & East Lancashire ABM (Maternity)



  • Daniel Hare


    West National Sales Manager

    M: 07717696683

  • Iain Catchpole

    Iain Catchpole

    South East England & London

    M: 07568100555

  • Stephen Heath

    Stephen Heath

    South West England & South Wales

    M: 07809320838

  • Steffan Davies

    Steffan Davies


    South Midlands

    M: 07740239404

  • Terry Lee

    Terry Lee


    South West England

    M: 07713309750