Completing FCA due diligence

FCA due diligence

Under Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation, funeral directors have been supplying plan providers with information to help ensure customers are treated fairly.

One way Golden Charter’s appointed and introducer appointed representatives do this is through an annual due diligence process with regulatory partner UKGI. It has been in touch with funeral directors seeking attestations on behalf of the business and also, for appointed representatives, on behalf of each approved person. Emails from UKGI explain which forms have to be completed.

Please ensure you submit the information requested as soon as possible. Submitting this information ensures you and your provider can meet FCA requirements.

Please contact your plan provider or your Golden Charter business manager if you have any questions.

Notifications under FCA regulation

As independently owned businesses, there are many changes funeral directors undergo that could impact how they work with funeral plan providers.

Under FCA regulation, appointed representatives and introducer appointed representatives are advised to inform their plan provider of any ‘material change’ they undergo. Some of this may be identified through annual due diligence. However, if something in your business changes, including business structures changing or approved persons leaving, please ensure you let your plan provider know as soon as possible.

Golden Charter’s funeral plan handbook provides some examples of when you might need to notify your provider of a change. If you’re a Golden Charter partner, please notify our compliance team without delay of:

  • An approved person leaving or being unable to carry out that role
  • A team member involved in selling plans leaving
  • Any breaches to data protection, FCA rules or principles, or payment card industry rules
  • Any offence committed under the Bribery Act 2010
  • Any significant IT incident or loss of systems
  • Any breach of customer confidentiality
  • Any fraud attempt
  • Any breach of the provider’s company policies and procedures
  • Any loss of utilities which prevent you from looking after customers

Those working with Golden Charter can also find a Breach Policy at

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