Counter competitor direct cremation activity with SimplyCremation

words: Deborah Morton, Golden Charter

Customer needs are always evolving, and we’re committed to keeping pace with change. As we progress through 2022 (a year of change, in many ways), we are continuing to update and enhance the marketing support we offer Golden Charter partners, ensuring your contact with customers is always relevant – and always thoughtful.

Our SimplyCremation campaign test aims to attract customers who are looking for a simple funeral, but may respond to direct cremation messaging. We want these customers to come to you first.

Our research findings† support what you’ve been telling us – that awareness of direct cremation is high, with 3 out of 4 people being aware of it. However, only 1 in 3 say they fully understand what a direct cremation consists of. More alarmingly, only 23% think they can arrange a direct cremation through their local independent funeral director.

Pure Cremation is now the funeral plan market leader, accounting for 30% of the market with 65,000 of 216,700 funeral plan sales last year.* And with competitors spending record levels on advertising, your participation in local marketing activity over the coming months places you in a strong position to counter competitor noise and help protect your future business. Promoting choice is an effective way to widen your market, and make sure that no customer is left behind.

Join the 100+ funeral directors already seeing the benefits of our SimplyCremation campaign test. Speak to your business manager or email to find out more.

We’re proud to work alongside you.

†Based on recent market share of funeral plans sold. See Funeral Planning Authority statistics 2020 and Golden Charter Annual Review 2019/20.

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