COVID-19 plan refunds


The unique circumstances introduced by COVID-19 mean not all elements of funeral plans can be delivered as normal, making it vital that funeral plan refunds for families are efficiently handled.

Having considered the needs of families who have lost a loved one, alongside funeral director feedback, the process implemented from 1 June means Independents can now directly refund families when a Golden Charter funeral plan cannot be delivered in full.

Mark Moran, Golden Charter’s Director of Sales, explained: “Our new process means families can deal with you directly, so they have just one point of contact to arrange the funeral and receive any refund due at what is undoubtedly a difficult time. As their funeral director, you are best placed to be that single point of contact, to discuss alternative services with families and agree what refund, if any, is appropriate.”

The new three step process for funeral directors is:

  1. Discuss the services you are unable to deliver with the family and agree what refund, if any, should be provided, and to whom
  2. Record details of the conversation, including the outcome agreed with the family, and store this information securely
  3. Enclose a completed copy of the new Funeral Plan Payment Confirmation Form alongside the invoice and proof of death documentation to

Please visit the news section of the portal to find the new form or send an email.

Mark added: “Keeping a record of your discussion and agreement with each family where you provide a refund is good practice and means that all information about what was agreed is available at a later date, should the family or estate query the arrangement. There is no need to share these records with us unless requested.”

Golden Charter is now unable to settle any invoice submitted without the completed Funeral Plan Payment Confirmation Form. This means you need to complete the form and enclose it with your invoice for every Golden Charter funeral plan you carry out. If no refund is required, a simple check box and your signature is all that’s required.

If you have any questions about this refund process, please speak to your Golden Charter contact or email contact@goldencharter.

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