Get to know the SAIFCharter site

SAIFCharter site

Last month was launched, and already it is being used to store vital information. The updated constitution is now online, and members are encouraged to review it.

Logging in
To see exclusive member content like the constitution, you will need to be logged in.

On your first login:
• Click ‘log in’ at the top right
• Click ‘create new account’
• Enter the same username and password you use to log in to
• Have your membership number on hand for the set up process
• From then on, you can log in with your username and password

Once logged in, options at the top include the new members’ forum, which you can use to talk to other SAIFCharter members. Areas are available for any type of discussion, whether directly related to SAIFCharter or not.

You can add polls too, and from time to time may be asked to give feedback through polls here.

Some members previously said it could be unclear who to contact from the SAIFCharter Executive. Now you can speak directly to the association through the site’s contact form.

Future features
Other features will soon appear. Among the most important are online membership renewal, streamlining the process, and the ability to securely vote online for your Executive.

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