Truck send-offs from Hortons

Hortons truck

Hortons Funeral Directors, based in Hull and North Cave, conducted two very memorable truck funerals in recent months. Mark tells SAIFInsight why they were so special…

A send-off for Denis

“A 1950 Bedford O series was used for the funeral of Denis at the Chanterlands Ave Crematorium in Hull. As Denis had been an HGV driver for many years and was aged 82, the Bedford (above) was a common lorry from his driving era.

“I offered the family the option of using the vintage lorry to take Denis to the service instead of the traditional hearse and on the morning of the funeral his family were waiting outside to see him arrive and his partner Barbara had tears of joy as it was the style of lorry he drove.

“We took Denis down a couple of the streets he used to live and as we drove along people were stopping to look at the vintage truck taking Denis on his final journey. The music the family had chosen was fitting to Denis as it was old driving tunes he played in his truck.”

Neil’s cortege convoy

“Neil was a family friend who had been driving HGVs since passing his test. He had been a driver for Simon Gibson and was known for cleaning his truck every Friday before going home to his wife Pauline and his daughter Vikky. Simon kindly offered his show winning Scania TV8 to take Neil to the Haltemprice Crematorium in Willerby.

“As I’d known Neil and the family personally for many years – my father was a lorry driver from the same village – I feel this was something Neil would have chosen.

“The truck was driven by Neil’s friend of many years, Bud, accompanied by Dave, another longtime friend, and Neil’s cousin Richard who had joined Neil on many journeys from a very young age.

“Leaving Neil’s home, the cortege passed through the village where six trucks were waiting to follow Neil to the crematorium. All had their yellow beacons flashing and black ribbons on their mirrors. Although the drivers did not all have time to attend his service, they all sounded their air horns as a mark of respect to him as we turned off to the crematorium.

“Three trucks came into the car park and, as I walked Neil down to the doors of the chapel, the drivers sounded their air horns again as a mark of respect for their friend. Inside, a full chapel heard memories of Neil’s life and music from Status Quo – which he played while driving across the country.”

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