Set for online plan sales?

Online plan sales

Families browsing your website can now complete a purchase entirely online, by following a link from your site into an online purchase journey built by Golden Charter.

More than 300 independent funeral directors have signed up to offer online plan sales, and the service is now open to both appointed representatives and introducer appointed representatives.

Mike Jones, Golden Charter’s Head of Sales, said: “More than a third of customers now say they’re comfortable to buy a plan entirely online*. Between online plan sales and our digital applications system, we now have the tools to let you support both those online customers and those who want to discuss their purchase first.”

You can set up online plan sales if you work with Golden Charter and meet some simple eligibility criteria like having a business website. Whether you are registering for the first time now, or simply have to finish setting up, the steps are straightforward:

  1. Confirm you want to register with your Golden Charter business manager
  2. Once Golden Charter confirms you are registered, set up the required plan information and pricing on
  3. Add the ‘Public Plan Page’ link to your business website. Families won’t be able to purchase plans until you add the link to your site, often as a ‘buy now’ button.

Mike added: “Well over 11,000 potential customers have accessed the Public Plan Page links already this year. Ensure you’re not missing out by completing our three steps, then you’re ready to promote the option to the families who need it.”

*Mintel, September 2023

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