Scottish inspections set to increase

New inspectors

Despite the pandemic, Scotland’s Inspector of Funeral Directors carried out four introductory visits to funeral directors in 2021 according to his latest report. He anticipated more visits to funeral directors and crematoriums as restrictions were reduced.

The report came from the Inspector of Burial, Cremation and Funeral Directors, Professor Gordon Findlater, covering December 2020 to 2021. Professor Findlater works alongside the Senior Inspector, Robert Swanson, whose annual report was released in October.

Professor Findlater’s report said: “There is no doubt that the pandemic has seriously impacted on the ability of both the Inspector and Senior Inspector to carry out their duties, particularly with respect to inspections of crematoriums. It is anticipated, however, that this will change as restrictions are eased.

“The future is still uncertain but with the Scottish Government Funeral Director draft Code of Practice currently undergoing revision, there is no doubt that the funeral trade in Scotland will be in a much better place in the future than it has been in the past.”

In addition to site visits, the inspector met with SAIF and various other bodies, to receive “an in-depth insight into how the funeral industry functions from the registering of a death to the cremation or burial of the deceased, and during a particularly difficult time”.

Professor Findlater also outlined the complaints that both inspectors had dealt with over the year, as well as calling out his involvement with Golden Charter’s Partnership Podcast as a key additional duty.

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