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SAIFInsight is going digital! For one issue only, July 2023, you can access our publication online exclusively.

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The issue comes on the heels of SAIF Education Day, showing everything covered on the day. You can also see SAIF’s new resources toolkit and ‘Mooving On’ video, as well as Golden Charter’s Plan for Success campaign and views from introducer appointed representatives under FCA regulation.

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Remember, digital also means we can include multimedia content. Even in months with a standard print issue, that goes for, so if you would like to share any, a guide to doing so is below.

Before recording

You will need a laptop, camera or phone with high-quality video, and a well-lit filming environment.


  • On modern versions of Windows there is a ‘Camera’ app which can record video and save it to your camera roll – the resulting video will be found within either your ‘Videos’ or ‘Pictures’ folder. Search for the camera app via your start menu.
  • On Mac, QuickTime Player allows you to record yourself
  • On a phone, ensure you are recording in landscape mode and use your phone’s camera to record

The filming environment:

  • Be in a well-lit space with no significant light source behind you
  • Be mindful and check there is nothing private or confidential featured in the frame
  • Choose your words and get straight to your point
  • Face the screen throughout

Position at the appropriate level and hit record (landscape). Try and use a tripod or prop your phone or camera against a sturdy surface. Otherwise have someone hold the camera and record if possible.

Always ensure you are fully in the camera’s frame, and be mindful of not cutting off the top of your head.


Ensure you are in a quiet place. Soft furnishings can help sound quality. If you are recording using the microphone attached to the device you are filming with, ensure you are close enough to the device that your voice can be clearly heard.


It helps to open and close the video with a smile. You can open the video with your name and job title and explain what you will be discussing.

After recording

All video file types can be accepted. Files can be quite large and we accept files emailed via a free file transfer site like WeTransfer.

Send in your video and audio recordings to Claire Day at SAIF.

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