Research reveals average age for planning a funeral

Research by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) has revealed the average age a person thinks about their own funeral is 51.

The report was featured in a recent online article by Moneywise, a magazine dedicated to finance.

Speaking to Moneywise Graeme McAusland, FPA Chief Executive, said: “We’re encouraged that so many of those over 40 aren’t shying away from making arrangements for their own funeral – including the financial implications.

“While it can be prompted by a sad occasion and feel like a foreboding task it does ensure that people’s wishes are carried out and financially prepared for.”

The FPA is an organisation set up by the industry to regulate UK providers of pre-paid funeral plans.

Graeme, who featured prominently in a previous issue of SAIFInsight, added: “As the regulatory body for the pre-paid funeral planning industry our aims are to raise the standards of provider behaviour in line with our rules and code of conduct, and protect consumers by ensuring the industry is focused on their needs and interests.

“Not all providers are FPA registered so it is important that consumers know about the FPA and understand why they should buy a plan from a registered provider.”

Find out more from the FPA on its website.

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