Plan processing guide

Below, staff from Golden Charter’s Processing team have compiled a list of tips to help Independents avoid delays in processing when completing plan applications.

Katie Shannon, Customer Support & Pendings Team Leader, explained: “Our goal is to get your documents – and planholders’ – on their way more quickly. So we have looked at the most common areas where errors appear.”

The tips collected are:

Ensure your application form is stamped or your company details are written in the correct box

Make sure your funeral director services and third party costs add up, and if you have an optional arrangement fee remember to include this amount in any deposit

Check that both you and the planholder have signed the form

If payment is being made by card, please ensure you have included the following:
* Account holder name
* Long card number (the card number should be 16 digits long and written clearly)
* Expiry date
* Three digit security code
* Amount to be taken from the card, written clearly.

If payment is being made by Direct Debit, we require the bank details and account holder’s name, sort code and bank account number – not forgetting that the account holder must sign the declaration, which is a separate form that must be included.

If payment is being made by cheque, please ensure that any amendments to the cheque are initialled by the account holder. There must be no figures in the text section, the date must be written on the cheque, and it must be signed.

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