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Through the crisis, funeral directors know that adopting the correct, sensitive tone during conversations with bereaved families is vital. The following case studies show how the right message just now can be just what families need from their local Independent

As families grow increasingly open to funeral directors promoting their services, Independents are finding that approaching the conversation with the right tone is helping to ‘solve’ rather than sell to customers.

In the wake of research suggesting the public is now significantly more comfortable with funeral directors promoting their services than during the initial stages of lockdown, the tone of those messages in your community is of course vital.

Respondents told James Law Associates it was important that funeral directors communicate with emotion, compassion and facts. Meanwhile, 77% told Edelman Brand Trust that businesses should talk about products in a way that shows they’re aware of the crisis.

As the Independents on this page found, approaching the conversation with the tone of solving rather than selling can be easier for both the family and the funeral director. Customers have indicated they will still respond positively to a conversation about funeral plans – and will appreciate your compassion and support.

Using Facebook to stay connected

“I was cautious at first about communications being viewed as insensitive at this difficult time. But with support and guidance from my [Golden Charter] Business Manager, I agreed to run a ‘keeping in touch’ campaign on Facebook.

“Within 48 hours, my campaign had generated a very positive response from my local community. It received 28 positive comments, seven shares and generated four pre-need enquiries.

“I am pleasantly surprised at how engaged people are and I will be looking to run similar campaigns.”

James Tovey, Tovey Bros

Leaflet drop at the height of lockdown

“We took the decision to continue with our pre-booked leaflet drop that was scheduled to land at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite our initial concern about how it would be received, I am encouraged that we received four enquiries, including a couple from people who said they hadn’t been aware of our business until they received the leaflet.

“It has been beneficial for awareness and with the right tone and message I would be confident carrying out future activity.”

Chris Hester, Hester and Lalli

Families’ feedback extends ‘sensitive’ campaign

“We worked in collaboration with the digital team at Golden Charter to run a campaign during the height of lockdown. It was important that we kept communicating with our local area and this allowed us to do it in a sensitive and measured way.

“The campaign started on 17 April and we ran it until 1 June, which was longer than originally intended due to the positive feedback. During this period we reached 27,000 in our local area, generated 18 enquiries and already have four direct sales.

“With a cost per enquiry of £22.22 it’s proven highly cost effective and I’m now planning my next activity.”

Mark Simpkin, Adlington Memorial Park and Funeral Services

Ready to get started? Golden Charter is here to help.

Golden Charter is committed to supporting your business and helping people connect with you.

If you have any questions about restarting activity, or the support available, please speak to your Golden Charter contact or email the Marketing Support Team.

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