Petition to regulate funeral planning

Andrea Button of Button Funeral Services in Kent has launched a petition on campaign website ‘Change’ calling on the UK Government to introduce statutory regulation of funeral planning.

Urging action, Andrea highlighted a recently reported situation in Medway where a husband admitted to breaking into a funeral director’s premises to steal his mother-in-law’s body. It appears the company involved had been causing concern and the husband had spent two days at the police station trying to track down its owner.

Andrea’s petition says: “It has become clear there is a strong need to introduce statutory regulation for funeral directors. It is noted that there is statutory regulation on funeral directors in Scotland but no other part of the UK.

“SAIF support a large number of service providers and carry out regulation style checks, but without statutory regulation the risk remains of a repeat of the situation in Medway.”

Alongside the petition, which has already attracted almost 200 signatures, a Twitter campaign account has also been established: @RegulateFuneral

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