Personalised celebrations

A New Zealand woman has launched an online directory aimed at helping the bereaved pay tribute to lost loved ones. After a personal tragedy, Wellington woman Annouschka Martinsen decided she wanted a career change from the corporate world to helping others.

Now, as Managing Director of Celebrate Me, she is helping to change the focus from traditional funerals to personalised life celebrations and her website includes hundreds of businesses that can offer things like bespoke coffins and even pet funeral services, according to the New Zealand Herald.

Annouschka said: “Funeral directors are open to all sorts of suggestions to help you celebrate your loved one’s life just the way you want – whether it’s a service at home, at your local church, community centre or on a boat – perhaps a customised artwork coffin or scattering ashes at sea.”

According to the company website: “Everyone at some time in their life will be faced with the loss of a loved one or indeed their own mortality. The way you choose to celebrate this life is a very personal thing.

“When developing this site, I took the time to speak to hundreds of people about their experiences with grief and life celebration planning. Many people talked about the various stages of grief that they went through and the stress they felt at the time.

They also reflected on the information that would have been useful at the time when they were making key decisions on how to celebrate a person’s life, which Celebrate Me now provides.

“To know their loved one’s wishes are being fulfilled and that their life is being celebrated in a personal and loving way is a healthy step in the process of grieving.”

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