Mix and match coffin designs

Oxfordshire-based Colourful Coffins has launched a unique series of mix-and-match character designs for its children’s picture coffins.

From princesses to racing drivers, doctors to farmers, astronauts to medieval knights – the designs are fully customisable with a range of skin tones and features, such as blue or brown eyes and blonde or dark hair.

The images have been created by the company’s talented designers and artists Helen Simmonds and Dan Abrams.

Mary Tomes, Managing Director, said: “Helen and Dan’s designs are wonderful character-led images and we believe parents will take comfort from them. Making the designs available in a variety of multi-racial skin tones and styles gives parents plenty of choice, which is always at the heart of what we do.

“Losing a child is such a difficult time, so if their little girl or boy wanted to grow up to be a beautiful princess or an astronaut, we can make sure their dreams come true.”

The range of princess designs comes in various colours and styles, while the boy images are fully
customisable – for example, the farmer can be pictured with or without his pitchfork, while the knight can be with a sword or a shield. Glasses and different hairstyles can also be added, as can freckles or other physical traits.

Families can work through their funeral director to choose the images they want, or liaise directly with Colourful Coffins’ in-house designers.

The company’s Daisy Vision technology, which allows families to log on at the same time as the designers and see changes that are made on screen in real-time, is also proving very popular as it means families can all gather round the computer and discuss the design.

Available for tiny tots through to teenagers and young adults, all the picture coffins are suitable for burial and cremation.

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