Cross-country procession in Cuba

Former Prime Minister and President of Cuba Fidel Castro was laid to rest in the city of Santiago de Cuba, following a four day, cross-country funeral procession that set out from Havana.

A Cuban flag covered the small coffin containing the ashes of the 90-year-old, And was placed into a flower-bedecked trailer pulled across the 500 plus mile journey by a green military jeep.

Thousands of people lined the streets, waving the country’s flag and singing Cuba’s national anthem to pay tribute to Castro as the cortege passed by.

However, on the third day as the jeep carrying Castro’s ashes passed near Moncada Fort, the vehicle briefly broke down and had tobe pushed along by soldiers. wrote: “The Breakdown of the jeep in the midst of adoring crowds chanting ‘Long live Fidel!’ was symbolic of the dual nature of Castro’s Cuba.”

UK Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan and Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry were among those to attend the service.

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