• September 2019

    In this issue: Funeral Planner of the Year 2019 preview, Death Before Birth, SAIF on the radio, digital software solutions Download >
  • August 2019

    In this issue: Making end of life care uplifting, new legislation, SAIFCharter elections, Lewis Shand Smith on the Funeral Service Consumer Standards Review, and Malcolm Flanders on his new role within Golden Charter. Download >
  • July 2019

    In this issue: Our report from the National Funeral Exhibition, FCA regulation for funeral plans, invitations to the Funeral Planner of the Year Awards 2019, a new IFD College course on child funerals and bereavement, and SAIF Care's grief support Download >
  • June 2019

    In this issue: Expert advice on giving your web presence the edge, enter for new Funeral Planner of the Year Awards categories, the importance of consumer protection, SAIF Scotland on new funeral costs guidance, Golden Charter's Scottish Parliament stakeholder event, and Dr Bill's UK tour Download >
  • May 2019

    In this issue: Supporting children and parents after a family's loss, Jim Auld names his charity of the year, and meet the SAIF NextGen team Download >
  • April 2019

    In this issue: The SAIF AGM 2019, meet the new National SAIF President, CMA moves to full market investigation, John Byrne's fundraising foray into France, and Funeral Notices on Download >
  • March 2019

    In this issue: SAIF AGM special preview, environmentally friendly funerals, a fond farewell to President Alun Tucker, SAIFCharter EGM, engaging families by following up, and Resomation. Download >
  • February 2019

    In this issue: Environmentally friendly burials, the SAIF AGM countdown, the CMA investigation into funeral planning, and Trust growth rates for 2019/20, Download >
  • January 2019

    In this issue: SAIF Care supporting families after the funeral, price transparency for Independents, Next Gen's next moves, results of the CMA's interim report, and a profile of one of the country's youngest funeral directors Download >
  • December 2018

    In this issue: Bereavement and Mental Wellbeing Conference in Cardiff, Centenary thank you Remembrance campaign, Dr Heather Conway on post-cremation ashes and familial disputes Download >