The value of Independents

Using an independent funeral director could save families more than £600 on average against conglomerates, research from the Guardian has found.

The newspaper compared Co-op, Dignity and Independent pricing in July, looking at 30 funeral directors in Glasgow and south London. In Glasgow, Independents’ prices averaged out to £2,030, compared to £2,655 for the Co-op and £3,596 for Dignity. In London, Independents were found to cost £2,579, to the Co-op’s £2,845 and Dignity’s £3,705.

Those prices included a coffin, hearse and “professional service fees” such as for liaising with third parties and preparing the body, but not cemetery or crematorium fees.

Golden Charter’s Director of Funeral Director Sales, Malcolm Flanders, said: “Any research which helps inform the public about the true picture of pricing in our profession is to be welcomed. The fact that the Guardian has confirmed our understanding that Independents offer such excellent value is doubly encouraging.

“Of course, these figures come from a look at funeral directors in two cities, so ideally we would like to see a national picture. The Guardian’s research is just one welcome step on the road to informing everyone about the facts of pricing across the UK.”

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