Snake bite victim wakes at cremation

A 23-year-old Indian man is reported to have woken up just minutes before he was due to be cremated.

The man, known only as Sandeep, had been bitten by a snake while out collecting wood in Madhya Pradesh, India. When he arrived back at his village, his family called a traditional practitioner but the treatment did not seem to work and he was believed to have died.

According to newspaper reports, including The Daily Star, Sandeep was due to be buried, but it was then decided to cremate him on a pyre. Reports say the flames had almost reached the young man’s body when he started to shout and they realised he was still alive.

After regaining consciousness, he was taken back to the same traditional practitioner instead of a hospital but sadly died a second time – and this time did not regain consciousness.

His body was then taken to a district hospital where a post-mortem was held.

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