Sacrifices of our forces will never be forgotten

One man’s determination to support The Royal British Legion has triggered Golden Charter to launch a major charity campaign supporting the Armed Forces community. Shawn Peel, from David Butterfield Independent Family Funeral Directors in West Yorkshire, has always been passionate about charity fundraising and volunteering in his community.

A former Air Reconnaissance/Intelligence Photographer in the Royal Air Force and current member of The Royal British Legion, Shawn realised that with Golden Charter’s support, thousands of pounds could be raised to help serving men and women, veterans, and their families.

“It seemed the obvious choice to work and support The Royal British Legion,” said Shawn. “The public really care for the charity and show that in their generosity to remembrance collections. However, there is a belief that The Royal British Legion only works once a year with the Poppy Appeal. With Golden Charter supporting it all year, we can promote their excellent work.”

With that belief, Shawn approached Malcolm Flanders, Golden Charter’s Director of Funeral Director Sales, and was quickly given the go-ahead to approach The Royal British Legion on behalf of the funeral plan provider.

“Malcolm Flanders has been proactive and fully supportive,” explained Shawn. “How many managers would listen to a third-party company and take their plans on board?

“Funeral directors do a lot of charity work, so the Golden Charter plans we sell should reflect that.”

From September, funeral directors have been able to offer Golden Charter plans that support the charity, with a £25 donation made for each badged plan. The campaign’s aim is to raise £100,000 in 12 months.

Shawn, who was recently handpicked to lay a wreath at his local war memorial on behalf of The Royal British Legion, commemorating the Battle of the Somme, is overjoyed by the campaign.

“This partnership means a lot to me. Often, when people think of The Royal British Legion, they think of older veterans, but we have young people coming back with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other issues. They need our support.

“David Butterfield’s is a small family firm, dealing with around 150 funerals a year. We sell 40 to 50 plans annually and since this launch I have already sold 12 Golden Charter plans that support The Royal British Legion. For me, Golden Charter now ticks every box as it fully protects the funeral plans and raises money for an excellent cause.”

All funeral directors selling Golden Charter plans should have received a briefing pack supplying all the relevant detail about the campaign. Speak to your local Golden Charter representative for further information.

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