Remembrance service held for 60th anniversary

Paul Allcock

SAIF President Paul Allcock attended a special service and open day to offer his support of the 60th anniversary of Penmount Crematorium in Truro.

On 26 June, members of the local community and beyond attended the of remembrance service in Cornwall’s Trelawny Chapel.

Paul had been specially invited on behalf of SAIF by Bereavement Services Manager Susan Cannan and his personal attendance is something he wishes to continue during his own presidency.

Paul explained: “I feel quite strongly that we should turn out and support people and events across the country.

“There are a number of crematoriums around the country that hold annual services of remembrance, but this was particularly special. Unfortunately, it was pouring with rain but it really didn’t matter as it was such a lovely service.”

And showing the support SAIF offers was imperative, as Paul added: “It was great to talk to members of the community, including several independent funeral directors, especially as many of them are not members of SAIF.”

The service, inclusive of all faiths, was conducted by Reverend Mark Dunn-Wilson and Paul gave a reading, ‘How to Grow Old’ by Bertrand Russell, before reflection time and the lighting of candles.

“It was truly a thought provoking service,” said Paul. “But the mood was certainly lightened as we walked out to hear a band playing the tune from Mary Poppins. After an emotional service it certainly put a bounce in everyone’s step and people were dancing down the path as they left.”

Following the service, guests were invited to Penmount Crematorium’s open day with all proceeds going to their chosen charity, Cornwall Hospice Care.

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