Reconstruction after post-mortems

An intensive course on post-mortem reconstruction has provided some of the country’s best embalmers with additional skills to help their companies and grieving family members. The William Purves Embalming Academy of professional embalming skills held the specialist course in October at the University of Edinburgh’s Old Medical School.

The sessions were attended by notable figures in the field, including tutors Alison Stewart, Colin Price, Milissa Wilson and Andrew Floyd. Also in attendance were embalmer Kathy Hall and Shane Teo, a trainee embalmer from Singapore.

The organisers said: “The course was very intensive and hard work, everyone in the group bonded well and put in a fantastic effort which resulted in a very successful week with excellent results.

“We believe that all those who attended left having increased their personal skills as embalmers, leaving with the confidence to handle trauma cases and now better serve the companies and more importantly the families who rely on their support.”

The William Purves Embalming Academy was set up in 2012 to pass on extensive knowledge and skills to help the bereaved, and the academy’s resident embalmers, Martin Jeffrey and Ross Corney, have worked in the industry for several years.

Those who attended the course were keen to praise the training.

Kathy Hall said: “I felt very privileged to attend not only the first of its kind in the UK, but also to be able to work within the amazing surroundings of Edinburgh University.

“I found the course to be thoroughly informative, educational and most importantly relaxed.”

Milissa Wilson added: “I feel better equipped to serve families and I know that I can count on the course organisers for support in any reconstruction I may complete in the future.”

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