New user-friendly website

love-2-donate website

An online donation and tribute page has revealed its new user-friendly website.

Love2Donate: In Memory has rolled out its new design and is keen for SAIFInsight readers to visit the new site.

The company’s Chris Hankin said: “We felt that our original website was rather hard for users to navigate. Our aim for the new website was to create a clean and simple area for funeral directors, charity partners and anyone wanting more information about the service we provide.”

Love2Donate: In Memory also announced additional upgrades to its service for funeral directors.

Chris said: “Every funeral director is unique and we try to accommodate their individual needs. Our
service is constantly evolving so that we deliver a product that meets our clients’ requirements.
“Recent additions include multimedia versions of tribute and donation pages, a multiple picture gallery and printing of tributes paid on a tribute and donation page.

“One funeral director may contact us and ask whether we could give them a particular addition. If we feel that it works for one of our clients, then we offer it out to others. It is up to our clients whether they feel that enhancement would suit their needs.

“At the end of the day, it is the bereaved that deserve a caring service, whereby the next of kin, their family members and friends can visit a tribute and donation page and gain some comfort in reading loving tributes and knowing that any donations made can help others in memory of their loved one.”

Users will also notice the link to an ‘In Memory Shop’. In the 16th century, memorial jewellery and ornaments were quite the norm. Many funeral directors are finding a resurgence in this to the extent that many clients are coming to expect this service.

Brian Thorogood, the ‘In Memory Shop’ keeper said: “Users will be able to access only high-quality memorial items. We have personally scrutinised each supplier to ensure high quality and attention to detail.”

The ‘In Memory Shop’ will shortly be open for business.

To find out more about Love2Donate: In Memory visit or contact Sue Stevens on 01908 886 167.