Grey is the trigger for Will writing

Under-40s are being prompted to write a Will by spotting their first grey hairs, according to a new poll.

Instead of more traditional turning points like marriage, going grey is the sign to almost a fifth of people surveyed that they should make a Will. The poll found that until then, many younger people paid no attention to issues of intestacy.

More than three quarters of under-30s were found to have no understanding of what dying intestate meant, and a similar proportion of those without a Will did not understand probate or the role played by executors, according to the poll carried out by will writing service AdviserWill.

The company’s Stacey Charlton said: “Making a Will is one of the most important legacies we will ever leave. It tells everyone what should happen to your property, money and other possessions when you die.

“This makes these findings even more remarkable in that such large numbers of people appear to be clueless about why a Will is necessary, and what happens if you die without one.”

People’s reasons for not having a Will were varied. In addition to 68% of people saying they were “too busy” to set up a Will, 44% said they were “too young to die just yet” and 43% believed they had nothing to bequeath. Only around a tenth of people had properly reflected on their funerals, while a third of couples had not discussed what would happen if one or both of them died.

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