Funeral Zone launches bereavement advice column

Funeral Zone has launched an advice column to help the bereaved.

‘Agony aunt’ psychologist Annie Broadbent will be answering questions and supporting people who have lost a loved one, as part of the website’s continuing focus on helping the recently bereaved.

Funeral Zone was launched three years ago, with the aim of helping the bereaved with practical support and advice through a very difficult time. It is now the leading website of its kind in the UK.

Annie Broadbent is the author of best-selling self-help book We Need to Talk About Grief (How to Be a Friend to the One Who’s Left Behind), which was inspired by her own bereavement following the death of her mother, Caroline. A psychotherapist with her own practice, she also volunteered her counselling skills at London hospice St Christopher’s.

Funeral Zone aims for her column, Dear Annie, to provide support for anyone who has lost a loved one, or anticipating a bereavement, no matter how recent or long ago their loss.

Co-founder Ed Gallois said that Annie’s advice column was another way for Funeral Zone to fulfill its mission to help the bereaved.

He said: “We’re delighted to have launched Dear Annie and think it will be a real support not only to the bereaved, but the family and friends who care about them and their loss. Whether people write in or simply share her column with family and friends when her advice strikes a chord, as Annie rightly says, we do need to talk about grief.”

Annie said: “I hope my advice column will give the bereaved, and the friends and family who want to support them, a sense they’re not alone.”

Annie’s advice column features on Funeral Zone’s blog and you can read the very first one here.

Readers and visitors to Funeral Zone are invited to write to Annie at

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