Family firm that puts clients first

As a relatively new family firm, Ifan Hughes, Funeral Director of Llanaelhaearn, Gwynedd, in North Wales has worked tirelessly to put itself at the heart of the community.

Since establishing the business 16 years ago, father and daughter Ifan Hughes and Nia Jones have created an enviable firm.

Ifan believes that business has grown gradually over the years due to their community spirit.

“We are big in the community and I do as much as I can to support the community in many ways. We have lots of things going on here. People see us and know us – we don’t hide behind curtains,” he said.

Prior to starting his firm, Ifan had been renting out a hearse to a funeral directors. When the funeral director decided to move on, Ifan took the leap to work in the sector full-time.

The business prides itself in arranging ‘elegant funerals, without the high cost’, with the company determined to fulfil families’ wishes.

“We will do anything our customers want, and we will go out of our way to carry it out for our clients,” said Ifan.

“Every funeral we do is memorable to us. One funeral we arranged in 2015 had over 600 people turned out in support for a local man who had done a lot for the local community.”

Ifan completes three quarters of his funerals in Welsh, with a small number of services bilingual, Welsh and English.

And working with his daughter Nia makes it all worthwhile, as Ifan added: “It is very good having a family business. I couldn’t do it without Nia.”

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