Church in Wales burial fees 2017

The Church in Wales has released its burial fees for 2017.

The new costs came into effect on 1 January and include the Ministry and Church fees, the burial cost for a body and cremated remains, the memorial charges and the rate to search burial registers.

The new charges have been included this month’s magazine (p17).

The Ministry Fee covers attendance by the officiating minister at a funeral service, a funeral service followed by burial, or a funeral service followed by a cremation and the subsequent interment of cremated remains. This applies whether the attendance is at a Church in Wales church or elsewhere.

The Ministry Fee also includes the signing of the Green Form by the officiating minister. Additional charges for travel costs outside the parish or ministry area may also be levied by the officiating minister.

The Church Fee covers use of the church for a funeral or memorial service. Additional charges can be made for organist, choir, sexton and the reasonable cost of additional heating.

The Burial Fee is for the burial of a body or cremated remains in the allocated grave or cremated remains plot. An additional charge, set locally, will be made for grave digging. The fee is also applicable to a burial or interment in an existing grave or plot.

The Memorial Fee is for the grant of the right to erect a monument on the grave in accordance with the Churchyard Regulations.

There will be no reduction for a total replacement of the memorial and a partial replacement will be charged pro-rata. The maintenance of the monument remains the responsibility of the family that erected it.

For further information, copies of the Churchyard regulations and churchyard forms can be downloaded here.

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