Associate eases international journeys

It is always distressing when a loved one dies, but when it happens in another country it escalates the anxiety for a grieving family.

Thomas Hathaway’s National Repatriation offers a personal and professional service for bringing home the deceased.

The new SAIF Associate Member has six years’ experience in the funeral industry and the specialist service is available to any funeral director or family within the UK or Ireland, including the Channel Islands. All relevant paperwork is taken care of and where doctors require payment, this can be arranged on a funeral director’s behalf.

The journeys will always be made to a high standard with an advanced motorist at the wheel.

Thomas said: “National Repatriation provides continued support on a one-to-one service, using top of the range equipment along with discreet transport facilities to fulfill your requirements.

“Quality does not have to be expensive.”

A 24-hour caring service is available for funeral directors.

For more information, visit or call 07780 118458.

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