A look into the life of a SAIF President


The new President of SAIF, Paul Allcock, has made significant progress in his first couple of months in office.

One of Paul’s first duties was to attend the opening of a new branch for First Vice President, Paul Bowley, in Brighton. The team at Bowley & Gallagher were praised by their new President for their ‘exemplary premises’.

Paul and his wife Alison also attended the British Institute of Embalmers (BIE) banquet and installation of officers at Worsley Park Hotel, near Manchester.

Paul said: “We would like to thank their outgoing President, Craig Caldwell and his team, for their hospitality and also wish incoming President, Gwen Schofield, an enjoyable and successful year. As this was my first event representing SAIF, outside of our own membership, it was a good opportunity to discuss mutual issues with my kindred Presidents, and I look forward to working closely with them all.”

Paul then joined SAIF’s new Chief Executive, Terry Tennens, and Executive Chairman Alun Tucker in Durham for the North East Regional Meeting. At the meeting, guest speaker, Catherine Betley from SAIFSupport, gave an insight into her work and the services available to SAIF members. They also attended a regional meeting in Cambridge and for all dates for all future regional meetings visit the SAIF site: www.saif.org.uk

On May 6, Paul attended a meeting with the Department of Work and Pensions as part of the review of the current Funeral Payment Benefit. During the meeting it was highlighted that there should be improved communications between all parties and the sessions should focus on the criteria of a simple funeral.

Paul also attended the National Association of Funeral Directors Banquet in Belfast and offered his congratulations to Jeremy Field on his installation as President and praised William Millar for an excellent weekend.

Paul, who has always been a strong supporter of the role that SAIF offers independents, commented: “I joined SAIF because I felt so strongly that the role of the independent funeral director should be supported.

“There are many documents and updates on the website which we should all be taking advantage of. Many associate members offer invaluable services.

“The biggest advantage to me is the fountain of knowledge that is available to us from each other. Being independent does not mean that you are on your own. We can stand taller because we hold on to our high values of care and quality, while knowing that we can seek support. We simply need to open our eyes, our minds and our hearts to achieve great things.”

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