Time to take the next step

words: Mark Moran

With fewer than 100 days until the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) becomes regulator of the pre-paid funeral planning market, Mark Moran, Director of Sales, discusses the progress Golden Charter’s funeral director partners have made on the provider’s straightforward Pathway to Regulation…

Moving forward
With direct cremation funeral planning businesses advertising heavily on national television, it is more important than ever for independent funeral directors to keep funeral planning at the forefront of their service offerings to families.

We’ve already spoken to more than 700 funeral directors who intend to continue offering families the opportunity to plan ahead, with the added peace of mind FCA regulation will bring. They’ll continue to work with us by offering our plans as Appointed Representatives or Introducer Appointed Representatives.

There are just a few short months remaining before we must all align with the FCA rules. We’re supporting the hundreds of funeral directors who have taken the next step and completed their application with the help of our regulatory advisers, UKGI.

We’ve found that the overwhelming majority of Independents are opting for our straightforward Appointed Representative route. And we’re also happy to support those of you who have opted to become Introducer Appointed Representatives throughout your regulatory journey and beyond, following the option that is most suitable for you.

Help from the experts
With more than 17 years’ experience in supporting firms to make the journey into regulation, UKGI has begun contacting funeral directors who’ve submitted their applications to us. They are guiding our partners through the due diligence checks the FCA requires.

We’ve been preparing for regulation with UKGI for three years and have created a way of working that satisfies FCA needs, while making it as easy as possible for you. I’d like to reassure you that, with the help of your dedicated business manager and our handy completion guide, your application shouldn’t take as long as you may imagine.

Finishing your application now will give you ample time to do the required checks and complete step two – apply – putting your business in the strongest possible position ahead of 29 July. Think of it as a sound investment in the future of your business.

“We’ve designed the process to help keep it simple and straightforward as we work alongside Golden Charter to support you all”

Nikki Bennett, UKGI

Following the successful completion of the due diligence checks with UKGI, you’ll move to the final step on your Pathway to Regulation, step three – partner. We’ll supply you with your Appointed Representative or Introducer Appointed Representative Agreement and provide you and your team with training and support.

Supporting your journey
With more than 30 years’ experience in the funeral planning industry, we’re one of the UK’s big three funeral plan providers.* We’re here to answer your questions and alleviate any concerns you may have about regulation. We’ve developed a wealth of resources available at mygoldencharter.co.uk that we continue to expand. These include exclusive webinars you’ll have access to on submitting your application to us.

Our state of the art Paperless Application service is available for partners to reduce the effort required to capture, record and submit customer applications. The easy-to-use system was created to support natural conversations with your families, while allowing you to be confident that you’re delivering an FCA-compliant sale. Visit paperless.mygoldencharter.co.uk to see how easy it is and submit your first application.

We’re honoured that so many funeral director partners, both new and existing, have put their faith in us to guide them through their regulatory journey and beyond. Now is a perfect time to join the hundreds of your peers and complete your Appointed Representative or Introducer Appointed Representative application.

Contact your business manager today to arrange a time to discuss your application. You can also email regulation@goldencharter.co.uk.

If you don’t work with us already, contact partners@goldencharter.co.uk to get started on your Pathway to Regulation.


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