Refreshed for regulation

Portal homepage

Golden Charter’s updated funeral director portal website is now online at, giving you access to several new and improved features.

Benefits of the updated site include:

  • Improvements to how you search through plans and request your invoice amounts (FDIAs)
  • A new way to order marketing materials and access marketing resources
  • A new payment calculator
  • Improved speed.

These are in addition to other recent improvements, including the ability to switch between multiple branches within one account, and to create and manage accounts for your staff.

Golden Charter’s Malcolm Flanders said: “The site is evolving over time, and we are taking into account the way you actually use it when we plan improvements.

“The site is also focused on helping get us all ready for regulation. You will be able to access further support on the portal, on vulnerable customers, treating customers fairly and more, as we work to prepare you for the requirements of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation.”

By logging in, you will be able to access step-by-step tutorial videos explaining how the updated portal’s features work.

Funeral directors offering Golden Charter plans will have login details already set up identical to those created for If you don’t know your login details, simply click the ‘Forgot your password?’ link on the login page.

Malcolm added: “Following the launch, the site will continue to evolve as we react to how you use it and build towards a regulated future together.”

If you need to access the previous version of the site, you can still do so by clicking a link on the login page which will take you to the ‘retired’ version of the portal. However, Independents are encouraged to log in to the updated site.

Malcolm said: “You can benefit from the updated site’s improvements straight away, and be set up to make the journey to regulation as streamlined as possible. Using this new version of the portal is your first step towards ensuring you will be ready to continue offering plans under regulation.”

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