The way some people arrange funerals is changing is now online, and the first enquiries have already come in for SAIFCharter members.

The site is the latest example of Golden Charter’s move towards supporting independent funeral directors across a range of areas. Currently open to members of SAIFCharter for the duration of the pilot phase to the end of March, passes at-need enquiries to participating funeral directors.

Julian Walker, SAIFCharter Chairman, explained: “Some funeral directors have started paying other online services to advertise their businesses to people wanting a referral or review of a region’s funeral directors. Our rapidly advancing service is fast learning how best to serve these enquiries for our independent funeral director group.

“National advertising has still to begin, yet we are already seeing the first enquiries coming through and our first funeral has taken place. I would urge all SAIFCharter members to opt in; as an early adopter, your experience will help shape your future with”

As announced in December, the site is now live and accessible to the public, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has commenced in those regions with the required level of coverage from participating funeral directors to ensure customer experience is positive.

Visit the site at and SAIFCharter members can sign up or complete opting in by contacting

For more details, please speak to your local Golden Charter representative.

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