The regulation-ready portal


When the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) took over regulating funeral plans last month, Golden Charter’s portal at become a one-stop shop for appointed representatives of the plan provider.

Through the website, you can carry out compliant digital plan applications and access a range of materials to support you to continue working with families while following the rules.

Materials include Golden Charter’s full, interactive funeral plan handbook, which has been updated to offer regulation-ready answers to questions across all key areas where Independents work together with Golden Charter.

The portal will also contain video walkthroughs of the digital and paper application processes, similar to those seen by thousands of funeral directors during this summer’s pre-regulation training programme. These videos show you how to complete any type of compliant application from start to finish.

The digital process itself can also be found at

Mark Moran, Director of Sales, said: “We’re proud that over a few short months we trained thousands of funeral directors and staff across the UK, and the level of engagement from funeral directors was incredible. That was important because it means that now, in our new regulated environment, you’re still able to keep supporting families much like you always have. Our updates to the portal were made for the same reason.

“With your portal login and your business manager on hand, you’re well prepared for questions regulation might raise.” If you have any funeral plan sellers who don’t have portal access or who haven’t been through the training, your Golden Charter business manager can help get them set up. The training is what allows these staff to discuss plans with families, so it’s vital that any new staff receive it.

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