“The agreement makes sure the client is informed”

The Partnership Podcast

The latest Partnership Podcast episode hears directly from an independent funeral director who has signed Golden Charter’s Funeral Director Agreement.

Malcolm listens to Edward Poole, of A.J. Sellman Family Funeral Directors, describe his experience of reading and signing the declaration on the Partnership Podcast. Edward covers a lot of ground, saying:

  • “When you consider the bigger context and the reputation of the industry, I think everyone would agree with me that this is what’s needed.”
  • “I’ve been with Golden Charter for years and have a lot of confidence in the staff there. I have benefited from their expertise.”
  • “I know what’s coming with the FCA and I feel Golden Charter is being proactive to help us prepare for that environment in a couple of years’ time”
  • “The Agreement is making sure the client is informed, aware of their rights, and to assure them that their data will be protected. If our client is assured by that, I think that will add to their piece of mind when taking out the plan.”
  • “Two words: very confident” – on his belief in Golden Charter’s approach

Every episode of the podcast is available online now.

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