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The Partnership Podcast

Golden Charter’s Partnership Podcast is now available for funeral directors at

The 10-minute interview-led episodes have so far delved into regulation, with SAIFCharter Chair Adam Ginder, and trusts, with the help of Gareth Howlett, Trustee and Chair of the Investment Committee for The Golden Charter Trust.

Interviews are lined up with further experts and decision makers close to regulation, prominent independent funeral directors and other key figures from inside the funeral profession and beyond.

Malcolm Flanders, host of the Partnership Podcast, explained: “With every episode we are building a library of information and support for independent funeral directors. Some will be timely, some will be relevant for years to come. Some will even be both: our talk with Adam Ginder just before Funeral Planning Authority regulation was introduced let Independents know what to expect in advance, and much of the advice we discussed is just as relevant now.

“We want to support the funeral directors we work with as broadly as possible. With the Partnership Podcast, we want to give you a portable, bite-sized, portion to keep up with the latest developments in your profession and hear from the experts in every area that affects the work you do.”

The Golden Charter Partnership Podcast is available at, or by searching for it on a podcast app. Find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher and beyond.

If you have any thoughts, or would like to suggest a topic of interest to your Independent colleagues, contact Malcolm.

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