Suicide bereavement: what’s missing?

Dr Sharon McDonnell

With around 6,000 people dying by suicide in the UK each year, evidence suggests that up to 135 individuals could be affected by each death.

While postvention services offer support to those bereaved by suicide, certain specific groups (such as children or ethnic minority groups) may have particular needs.

A new academic article has become the first to focus on the experiences of ethnic minority groups bereaved by suicide in the UK. The study, which deals with the experiences of 227 people, is now available online. Created by Dr Sharon McDonnell, Managing Director of Suicide Bereavement UK and Honorary Research Fellow, University of Manchester, it offers insight to all policy makers, commissioners developing postvention services, and those who come into contact with or support those bereaved by suicide.

Using this and previous research, Dr McDonnell and her team have developed evidence-based suicide bereavement training for those who want to advance their understanding, skills and confidence on how to respond to and care for thosebereaved by suicide.

Postvention Assisting those Bereaved By Suicide (PABBS) training is relevant to any professional who comes into contact with those bereaved by suicide.


  • March 8 Exeter
  • March 15 London
  • April 5 Manchester
  • April 26 Belfast
  • May 11 Cardiff
  • May 17 Edinburgh
  • June 14 Coventry
  • June 28 London
  • July 12 Newcastle

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