Staying on the pathway to regulation

words: Mark Moran, Golden Charter Director of Sales
Three steps

Taking the first step

Last month, we introduced you to Pathway to regulation, the model our expert regulation team have designed to make the journey to regulation as straightforward as possible for your business. We’re delighted to confirm that step one is well under way and if you haven’t already done so, I’d encourage you to take action by visiting

Preparing your digital readiness by registering for the new and improved and signing up to use its Paperless Application service.

We’ve built on existing helpful features available on the portal, taking feedback from funeral directors into account. It’s easy-to-navigate, offering improved performance, extra security and access to helpful support as we move to a regulated environment.

You’ll find Paperless Applications at which will provide you with all of the tools and scripting required to meet the FCA’s requirements.

Preparing to apply

Completing the elements in step one, puts your business in a strong position ahead of FCA regulation, allowing you to move to the application step with confidence. We’ll soon open our application window, where we will invite you to apply to become an Appointed Representative. Keep an eye out for our new monthly e-newsletter, Regulation Ready, dedicated to FCA regulation and speak with your business manager for guidance.

Our Appointed Representative model has been designed with input from independent funeral directors. It offers you the opportunity to continue offering funeral plans to customers in much the same way as you do now. If becoming an Appointed Representative is not right for your business, we can help guide you down a more suitable pathway.

Your business manager will be on hand to support and guide you through each step of our application process. We’ll also work with you to support you to provide the information we’ll need to complete your approval.

Here at every step

Partnering with Golden Charter means your path to regulation will be straightforward and we’ll take you through each stage. Your business manager will provide guidance throughout the process, making sure your business is prepared for regulation ahead of July 2022 so that you can continue providing funeral plans within your communities.

Contact your business manager to discuss your journey and visit

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