Risca Male Choir’s new President

Steve Tom, of Phillip Tom & Sons, has been named the new President of the Risca Male Choir, a busy and successful band of men in Newport, South Wales.

Steve had followed the choir since moving to Risca and considers the role of President “a privilege and an honour”, and has promised to promote and represent the choir whenever and wherever possible.

Phillip Tom & Sons is a truly family run business with Steve’s wife Louisa and son Joe actively engaged in day-to-day activity.

Steve also has two daughters – Harriet, who is a funeral director in Melbourne, Australia, and Abbie who is in her final year in Swansea University studying Law.

The choir has undertaken many concert tours and, in 2010, celebrated its 40th anniversary with a tour of Austria and Poland.

Steve takes over from the late Terry Howells, former choir President, and the choir would like to thank Terry’s family as he continually promoted the choir as well as providing help and support for over 27 years.

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