Quality assurance assessments

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Quality assessment

Members often raise questions prior to an assessment, such as the length of time it takes to assess, the areas to be assessed and so forth. When an assessment is arranged, a confirmation email is sent along with a booklet explaining the process. Below is an extract with some of the questions answered.

How often is a member assessed?

New applicants must be assessed before being considered for membership.

Existing member companies will be selected for assessment using a random method of selection. Members will receive an on-site assessment by a qualified SAIF Quality Assurance Assessor at least once every four years. Member companies may also be assessed following any complaint regarding care of deceased, staffbehaviour towards customers and mourners, any breach of legislation or failure to comply with SAIF and governments’ Codes of Practice or required standards or any other situation that would require them to be investigated under SAIF disciplinary procedures.

What areas of your business will be assessed?

  • Requirements of owner/operator of member company
  • Suitability of staff
  • Premises, equipment, and vehicles
  • Engagement of the funeral director
  • Transfer of the deceased into your care
  • Care of deceased and mortuary facilities
  • First offices and viewing
  • Estimates, accounts and confirmation
  • Cremated remains (ashes)
  • Complaints procedure
  • Health and safety and business continuity

Does the manager have to be on site during the assessment?

No. It is not a requirement for the owner or manager to be in attendance and another member of staffcan be substituted to meet with the assessor, as long as they understand the operating procedures and have access to the documents or files required.

Do we receive a certificate of compliance?

Following the assessment and on compliance, you will be issued with a certificate to display. SAIF’s Quality Management Systems are now certified to ISO:9001-2015 standards and you will also be provided with a logo to display on your website.

Can I contest the report outcome?

Should you disagree with the assessment you will have the right to appeal and be reassessed by a different assessor. SAIF Business Centre will guide you on the procedure to lodge an appeal.

Can I give feedback on the process?

Following the assessment, SAIF Business Centre will provide you with a link to complete the survey. We ask that you take time to complete this as this helps us to find out what your expectations are from the process, and how satisfied you are with the assessment. The information will also be used to help us design, improve and provide a better service to you in the future in line with our Business Management System.

Meet the assessors

When confirming the assessment, you will also be sent a picture and the profile of the assessor, however they will also have an identity card with them.

We are also pleased to welcome David Massam, Julie Sullivan and Lynsey Groome as new assessors to the team.

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