Professional training

words: Terry Tennens

What is your learning style?

There are various methods that people use to take in information. The main process is the traditional chalk and talk approach to training, which works for many. The deductive style of teaching commonly uses this approach. I, for one, can remember some teachers who were captivating to listen to, while others would be disengaging.

The other prime method of teaching is the learning-by-doing principle. This inductive method of teaching has increased in popularity, and rightly so, as students learn on the job – vocational learning.

One of the many strengths of the IFD College is that it offers students the ability to learn vocationally at a speed that works for them. The entry points for courses include drivers, bearers, health and safety as well as the Certificate in Funeral Practice for funeral directors.

SAIF President Paul Bowley previously said: “We at Bowley Funeral Service have put all our staff through training at the IFD College and our business has seen significant benefits by having a trained and equipped workforce to meet the challenges of funeral directing in the 21st century.

“I would encourage all SAIF members to put their staff through training and highly recommend the IFD College.”

Paul Bowley is pictured above awarding an IFD certificate to Richard Morrey of Andrew Smith Funeral Services, with Rebecca Vernon and Andrew Smith.

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