Partnering to make regulation simple

words: Mark Moran
Mark Moran

Golden Charter’s Director of Sales Mark Moran discusses why Golden Charter is the partner of choice for Independents…

The world has changed dramatically in the few months since the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA)’s strengthened rules and Code of Practice came in to play at the start of the year. As we adapt to the challenges facing the sector – most recently those related to the coronavirus outbreak – as a registered provider of the FPA we remain fully committed to the new requirements, which give greater protection to customers.

Not only do we need to meet the rules ourselves, but we’re also responsible for helping the funeral directors who sell or carry out funeral plans to meet the new rules and code of practice.

To support you in this, we’re developing a handbook that will be introduced shortly. This will set out the required standards and provide practical support on the funeral plan sales process. Later in the year we’ll also be asking you to sign up to a new agreement with us. Under the new Funeral Planning Authority rules, all funeral directors who sell plans on behalf of a registered provider will be asked to enter into a formal agreement.

Why partner with Golden Charter?

We’re leading the market to be the most regulation-ready provider

  • We’re passionate about doing the right thing for our customers – our latest research confirms that 94% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with our service (CJM Research, October to December 2019)
  • We’ll provide you with a range of support, including e-learning and roadshow events, to make sure you have everything you need to meet the new requirements.

What do you need to do now?

  • Read our policies on treating customers fairly and dealing with vulnerable customers, available at You may already have your own policies in place and wish to incorporate particular elements from these to help you demonstrate how you meet the outcomes. Or you can adopt our policies into your business directly.
  • Talk to your Golden Charter business manager when you have the time again, and get ready to review the handbook and agreement when they become available. The agreement is a contract and we’ll be asking you to sign this to continue to sell our Golden Charter or Independent Way plans.

If you have any questions about applying the treating customers fairly principles or a vulnerable customers policy in your business, please get in touch with us at compliance@ or through your Golden Charter business manager.

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