Our digital future

SAIF Digital

With the UK funeral sector experiencing rapid changes in regulation, new entrants, and a market shift towards a wider choice of funeral styles and services, SAIF perceived a need for a dedicated support service specialising in funeral industry digital marketing to help independent funeral directors navigate their way in an increasingly competitive online space.

Now SAIF has partnered with Golden Charter and Maguire Partners Ltd to create SAIF Digital, and all members are invited to register for a digital audit which takes less than five minutes.

Declan Maguire, of Maguire Partners Ltd, and Karen Trickett, of Golden Charter, will present a webinar on Wednesday 27 April, from 3-4pm and all members are invited to find out more about the support the service can provide.

SAIF CEO Terry Tennens said: “Be sure to book staff responsible for your external communications on social media and your website on to this session. Declan and Karen presented a first-class seminar at the AGM weekend. It’s practical and it’s important, so don’t be a flat earth funeral director – please equip your team as one in two funerals are chosen from researching online.”

To find out more about SAIF Digital, click here.

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