New online tools to turn to

words: Joanna McLeod,
localfuneral is a valuable business tool, connecting families with independent funeral directors across the UK. Since April 2021, the website has delivered more than 3,500 enquiries to independent funeral directors.

All funeral directors on the site can provide pricing, photos, and company logos, as well as detailed information about their company and the range of services they offer. This is a great way to further empower families suffering a bereavement.

Our new and improved pricing feature has been designed to help families connect with the right funeral director for them.

Funeral directors can now display the following information in a Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) compliant format via our platform:

  • A headline price and itemised breakdown for Attended and Unattended funerals, as defined by the CMA
  • A copy of the ‘Standardised Price List’
  • Price information provided by crematorium operators
  • Information on the business’ ownership
  • Terms of business

Details of any material or substantial charitable donations or gratuities Since the launch of this feature, we’ve had a fantastic response from independent funeral directors listed on the site.

Many businesses have chosen the dual approach of displaying pricing information on in addition to their own websites, ensuring consistency for families when searching for a funeral director online.

To add your prices or update your profile on, contact them by email.

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