More flexible auto accept

Golden Charter has introduced a new, more flexible form to help funeral directors choose which types of funeral plan allocations you want to automatically accept.

You can now specify which of Golden Charter’s widening range of plans you are happy to ‘auto accept’, and which should involve a discussion with you before a decision is made.

Director of Funeral Director Sales, Malcolm Flanders, explained: “As families have become more interested in different kinds of funerals, whether ‘green’ options or low cost direct cremations, our range of plans has expanded. That growth in variables has understandably led to a reduction in the number of you choosing to auto accept funeral plans, and we wanted to review the process to bring you the benefits of auto accepting in a more controlled way.

“The simpler process we have developed provides the clear benefits of auto accept, reducing the need for emails and calls between your staff and Golden Charter to agree and accept a funeral plan allocation, while offering you much more flexibility in defining which plans you are happy to accept.”

Speak to your Area or Regional Business Manager who will discuss the options which can save your business time in the busiest period of your year.

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