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Need some tech help or software solutions? These SAIF members can help.

Evolution FMS

Evolution FMS is a software solution created by Oak Technology Ltd.

It is an independent family-run business which has been providing funeral management solutions since 1993. The software is created by independent funeral directors for independent funeral directors.

The software will help you reduce the risk of mistakes and drastically cut the time it takes to perform and complete administrative tasks as you only need to enter information once.

You can create documents, forms, reports and invoices in your preferred layout, analyse important information about your business, and access current and historic information from anywhere at any time.

The system integrates with third-party accounting, calendar and email systems and there are no hidden extras or expensive add-ons. You will also receive free Funeral Notice integration with your own website.


Eulogica funeral software systems have been around for more than 15 years and are currently used by around 400 funeral directors. The firm offers updates, personal support, help and training from people who have worked in the profession.

The team analyses funeral directors’ needs and tailors the software before installation. Your most common funerals will be easy to enter. If, for instance, burials at sea are rare, but the release of a dove usual in your area, the team will prepare the system accordingly.

Entirely new services can be created if you have your own unique way of doing things. Staff are then trained how to use the system.

Your products and prices will be added, along with details of branches and staff, and local information about churches, cemeteries, ministers and so on. Comprehensive descriptions and pictures may be attached to all names, places and products. The software produces the day-to-day documents required when arranging a funeral, including client confirmation letters, estimates, confirmation letters to ministers, as well as the final invoice and covering letters.

The ability to easily track which funerals have been invoiced and which accounts are outstanding is there at the touch of a button, and reminder letters can also be generated for those accounts which are outstanding.

Eulogica staff are on call with help and advice, plus you’ll have access to the latest statutory requirements, developments in professional practice or ideas for improvements communicated by funeral directors, all shared through software updates.


Solemnity is a cloud-based system, designed by London-based Logic Networks Ltd, which allows you to easily manage your records and much more from any device at any time.

The software is simple to understand and easy to use: you can edit, delete and add records, manage memorial records and even donations for each record, and archive whenever you wish.

A monthly calendar enables you to view any upcoming funerals, events and tasks. All data can be customised, so ministers, religions, cemeteries, locations and services can be input, and a clear, neat layout allows you to find any record no matter how big your database is.

There’s also customisable content for invoices, notices of cremation, order of interment and estimates, which can be printed with one click and invoices can be exported into CSV and Excel format so work in Sage or any other accounting system.

Logic Networks offer training and provide subscribers with technical support through email, remote and phone at any time, with the product updated every three months. Data is protected by the firm in full compliance with GDPR.

Subscription packages start at £120 (for five users) and there’s no capital expenditure such as paying for servers, domains and hosting packages.

Funeral Guide

Funeral Guide (previously known as Funeral Zone) is the UK’s most visited funeral resource.

The website offers the following features for funeral directors:

  • Receive enquiries from the bereaved
  • Highlight your services and facilities
  • Add high-quality photos and your logo
  • Increase exposure on Google search
  • Benefit from higher visibility on Funeral Guide
  • Provide a value-added service for the bereaved
  • Allow families to leave a legacy of a loved one
  • Help the community pay their respects
  • Streamline your donation processes
  • Fully branded service, on your website
  • Bring local awareness to your business
  • Showcase the quality of your business to the community
  • Get verified reviews for your business
  • Receive feedback from the bereaved
  • Showcase the quality of your offering
  • Fully branded service, on your website
  • Stand out from other providers in your area


The clever donations management solution InMemory by Cloudberry Funeral Management Systems Ltd. can make life simple. Here Adam Males of Chenery Funeral Services, Hitchin, explains what a difference it has made to his company’s workload.

Case study

“We started looking at InMemory in 2015 because we were wasting lots of time each month logging, processing and banking donations that came through. We spent about 13-man weeks a year processing.

The InMemory system is easy to learn and use and it allows us to manage every type of donation – cash, cheque and card. It sits in my website and looks like one of my pages, so it’s a seamless journey for the donor and I retain control of the admin end. I also love the fact that I don’t have to worry about backing up my system – it’s all managed.

I used to acknowledge every donation by post but stopped due to time and cost – now it’s automatic, every online donation instantly receives a personalised acknowledgment from me, which enhances our service and costs nothing.

Each donation page takes around 4-5 minutes to set up and provides relevant information for any of the deceased family and friends – biography, photos, charity details, funeral service information and messages of condolence. It even means that anyone who is unable to attend can easily be involved, too. Gift Aid is added to each donation by checking a box – no more filling out forms – so the total raised for each charity increases instantly by 25%.

In the first year of using the InMemory system, we processed 1,015 donations. 57% of those donations were online and of those 82.2% added Gift Aid, whereas just ten cheque donors added Gift Aid. This is helping to raise awareness of our services locally and, by freeing up admin time, we have been able to leverage that extra time to grow the business.”

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