Latest Jaguar XF hearse comes to the UK

As Pilato’s new GrandAurora Jaguar XF hearse is unveiled, we take a look at when this vehicle might light up the UK market. Developed out of the partnership between classic British brand Jaguar and the Italian workmanship of Pilato, the car has been years in development.

“This is a really exciting vehicle,” said Kevin Smith of Superior UK, Pilato’s official supplier. “We’re confident funeral directors are going to love it. It combines the stunning looks, detail, and finish you would expect from a Pilato/Jaguar partnership, taken to the next level.

“The GrandAurora is based on the sophisticated lightweight Jaguar chassis. The access area is bigger (by more than 10%), the loading threshold has been reduced, and there’s a new opening system, too.”

Kevin added: “This car is a perfect blend of Pilato design and Jaguar engineering, so in a sense it is 50% British. We are working with the team at Pilato to make it available to British funeral directors as soon as possible.”

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