Jill’s Woman of the Year award

Jill Glencross

An “incredible, unselfish woman who makes a difference to so many people’s lives, in both her professional and personal life”. That was how independent funeral director Jill Glencross was described as she was announced as Cumbria Woman of the Year.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Hannah McNulty of ITV Border explained why Jill was the winner: “Many people have been touched by this lady’s caring ways. She has no idea the difference she makes and those she has helped could never thank her enough.

“Every community needs someone like her because she makes the world a better and brighter place.

“On a day-to-day basis she meets and helps people at one of the most vulnerable and distressing times of their lives. But with her calm, professional and caring approach she guides them through it slowly and thoroughly. She brings calmness in the most turbulent of times.”

Away from work Jill, who is based in Dalston near Carlisle, also reaches out and helps her community.

During the height of the pandemic, Jill tried to brighten up people’s lives with her 12 days of kindness, which coincided with the 12 days of Christmas. When the number of people dying from Covid-19 started to rise, Jill took to social media in a bid to encourage others to stay at home and follow the rules.

Hannah added: “Her emotional message went viral and was picked up by the media and must have made people think twice before breaking the rules and spreading the virus further. Though it was distressing to see a normally bubbly, positive lady so upset as she pleaded with people to change their ways, it had impact. It showed just how coronavirus was affecting even the strongest of people.

“Jill has faced her own difficulties over the past couple of years, which included losing her precious dad, yet she still managed to think of others.”

Jill is also a patron of the Carlisle Youth Zone and arranges community donations for Christmas selection boxes and Easter eggs.

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