Institute thanks SAIF

Institute of Civil Funerals

The Institute of Civil Funerals has thanked SAIF for the association’s support in its opposition and representations to the CMA on the proposed Standard Price List.

Susan J Holden, Chair of the Institute of Civil Funerals, said: “What the CMA was proposing showed a lack of understanding of how funeral directors worked with celebrants. A ‘one price fits all’ approach was never going to work; indeed, it seemed to be opposed to their ideas around fair competition.”

In the Institute’s view, to have a set price for funeral celebrants bracketed with Church of England ministers was never going to be fair or operable. “Civil funeral celebrants are self-employed, independent, sole operators running their own businesses and must be free to set their own fees,” says Susan.

“Funeral directors must be able to feel free to use the celebrants that they know will offer the best value and who are the ‘right fit’ for their families. Choosing on cost alone would only have encouraged the lowering of professional standards and to have taken away choice for the families.”

The Institute of Civil Funerals, along with individual members, made representations to the CMA in the strongest possible terms to have the celebrant fees published as “price on application” and SAIF agreed with its arguments. “Together we made a difference,” says Sarah.

“It was also good to see that in the final published price list there was an option to say a particular service was not offered, as this is something that I know funeral directors had been asking for. At the last minute, it seems that the CMA listened and that we can all go forward together to comply with legislation and without too much disruption to our working model. Thank you.”

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