Golden Charter offers CPD accredited training

Mark Moran

Golden Charter has been awarded CPD accreditation for the first time.

As part of the company’s push to work with high quality intermediaries, Golden Charter now offers CPD accredited training about why funeral plans make good financial sense.

Mark Moran, Golden Charter’s Director of Intermediaries, explained: “Not everyone will understand what a funeral plan is, the advantages of having one or what they should be looking for in a funeral plan provider. This CPD approved presentation covers these basics from a market perspective, rather than a sales perspective.

“The presentation has been well received so far at workshops and events for Independent Financial Advisors and Will writing professionals and we plan to extend our portfolio of CPD accredited training over the coming year.”

Now that Golden Charter is accredited, it is possible that CPD training could move into other areas in the future. If sufficient interest is shown from funeral directors, the company has indicated the possibility of expanding the CPD programme.

Any Independents who would be keen to see this happen should speak to their local Golden Charter representative.

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